About Us

Logimic is Czech company dealing with Industrial IoT and control. Our business is providing hardware, software and cloud services for industry. Our main customers are industrial companies looking for improvements of their product, processes and services. We typically connect industrial devices by wireless network, create control systems, create cloud services and web control portals and more..

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Internet of Things

We connect industrial devices to wireless network and internet to be easy accessible for control and end user management.

Industry 4.0

We create control systems of industrial devices and processes. We develop highly sophisticated control algorithms and solutions.

IQRF wireless

We are experts on IQRF wireless technology which we help to improve by our co-development of IQRF interoperable gateway and web application.

Cloud Control

We provide control logic in cloud, data storage, analytic, device connectivity, notification, user interaction and more services

Web applications

Web application like control portals, dashboards, maintenance and monitoring, remote control of devices.

Customer Projects

We make any customer dreams and visions happen. We have a team of hardware and software experts for you.

Contact Us

Logimic, s.r.o,
Ve Dvojich 279,
664 51 Jirikovice,
The Czech Republic

tel: +420 772 728 599
e-mail: logimic@logimic.com

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