Build your home cinema

Maybe you remember expensive DVD players or home video recorders in past. When I lost the last of them I decided to go with Raspberry based home cinema. It was three-four years ago and I am still running that 🙂


Raspberry Pi 2 Model B or newer
Raspberry Pi 2 black case 10
Tenda USB dongle or other15
Raspberry Power Supply 2.5mA, micro USB 10

TV set
TV remote controller

Assemble parts

Connected all together, but before that connect Raspberry to your keyboard, mouse and monitor and install OpenELEC software.

After OpenELEC install you can try that system plays any movie or photos from any USB stick connected to Raspberry USB.

Next connect everything to TV set as shown in picture.

  • Keep any image or video storage (USB dongle) connected to Raspberry USB.
  • Connect HDMI to TV set and Raspberry.
  • Enable HDMI with connected raspberry on your TV set.
  • Manage OpenELEC via TV set remote controler. It is really fun!
  • Play movies & photos.

Internet connectivity

Connect Wifi dongle to Raspberry and in OpenELEC setup enter your Wifi credentials and connect Raspberry to Internet.

Now navigate in OpenELEC to Adds-on and choose youtube or any other internet content provider. Now you can play any Youtube videos – my kids love that 🙂

Connect your home NAS

If you were toying with our next hobby post “Build your home NAS” you can simply map network disc from that NAS in your OpenELEC system.

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