Download/Upload project to SensConnect

After installation of SenseConnect software by Review Display Systems Limited there is just one empty project. You can either build new project fro the scratch or download some examples from Logimic cloud. Let’s start with the second option.

Click Tools menu and then plug-in button Logimic.

This brings you to the login screen where you can Register yourself or skip logim via Demo Enter.

Both options bring you to a list of demo projects. Simply check those you want to download and click Download. Then go back to Home screen.

You project have been downloaded to the list of projects. You can Activate them and start your work.

Upload project

You can upload any your project to the cloud. Firstly you have to log-in to the cloud as described above. Then go to Home page of SensConnect and click Modify button and then Upload project button at project that you want to upload to cloud.

When you’re uploading existing project the SensConnect project has always priority to cloud project. This means that projects stored in cloud will be always rewritten.

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