iLersen Heating Control

iLersen system

With Lersen CZ company we created an intelligent control of Lersen heaters in industrial buildings

Lersen gas heaters are mounted under roof of industrial buildings and halls. They ensure effective heating of building with respect to working regime of people inside, time period, inside and outside temperature and building temperature losses.

Heater Control topology

Each heater equipped with wireless transceiver is connected to central gateway. There is one or more gateways in one hall. Gateways are connected to internet and cloud.

Control interface

iLersen provides simple and intuitive control interface. Each hall is divided into zones with user names. Users can manage each zone separately. There are displayed all heaters within given zone, each heater indicates its state and also enables independent management.

Control interface is accessible via internet browser from any device, laptop, tablet, mobile phone. It provides different levels of user authorization and access rights.

Simple user programming

Heating program can be set for every day with unlimited temperature actions and temperature levels, typically you have low temperature during night and shortly before work shift start the temperature is taken to comfort levels.

You can manually change temperature in each zone e.g. to compensate temperature drops caused by opened doors during material load etc. Everything you can manage from your laptop, tablet or cell phone even remotely from your home.

Data under control

In control application you have available heating statistics showing historical data, predictions and measured data inside and outside of the hall.

System is monitored from cloud and it is alerting any non-standard behavior. You can immediately get information that your heating system detected issues via e-mail or SMS, e.g. system detected error of heater, damage of heater and more.

System under control

iLersen system ensures daily overview of performace, alerts, service intervals and failures. Provider of your heating system is aware of any nonstandard situation immediately and can provide better service to customers.

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