IQRF Dev. Board

IQRF Development Board is fully antonomous IQRF end node with I2C, analog and digital interface for fast prototyping of IQRF devices. It is designed for firmware developers who needs a real standalone wireless node which can be used for product design.

Connect Sensors

You can connect any external sensors or actuators via I2C, DI/DO, AI/AO or you can use embedded standard or bi-stable relays.

Load Software

We prepared many Open Source software examples that you can simply download and use in your design..

Work in IQRF network

Development board works with IQRF interoperable gateways (Daemon Gateway, Open Edge Gateway). You can very easily get data to cloud, any computer or dashboard.

Quickly into Product

If your prototype is working well, then you can simply scale hardware design of board into final design of real device.

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