IQRF Wireless Technology

IQRF wireless technology has been developed by Microrisc and later on by IQRF Tech s.r.o. company. IQRF is a platform for low power, low speed and low data volume wireless connectivity ranging tens and hundreds of meters (up to several kilometers in special cases or in networks) e.g. for telemetry, industrial control and automation of buildings and cities (street lights, parking etc.). It can be used with any electronic equipment, whenever there is a need of wireless transfer, e.g. remote control, monitoring of remotely acquired data or connection of more devices to a wireless network.

Technology in short:

  • RF bands: free ISM 868 MHz916 MHz and 433 MHz (world-wide)
  • Based on transceivers with built-in operating system and optional DPA communication layer.
  • IQRF is suitable also for simple peer-to-peer communication but its highest strength is in complex mesh networks.
  • Packet-oriented communication, max. 64 B per packet
  • RF range: hundreds of meters in free space and tens of meters in buildings per hop, up to 240 hops per packet
  • Extra low power consumption: sub-µA standby, as low as 15 µA receiving
  • RF bit rate: about 20 kb/s
  • No infrastructure needed, no license and carrier fees.

Why you need it

You might be interested in this technology when you need to connect your devices wirelessly to Internet, local gateway or server or just you want to connect devices to each other (peer-to-peer).

You will probably choose from many technologies and you will go with IQRF especially thanks to these significant features:

  • Reliable transfer within mesh network.
  • Long range thanks to mesh network.
  • Great penetration through walls, barriers and other obstructions.
  • Low power.
  • Transceivers contain micro processor able to host your code.
  • Free gateway software.

How to start with IQRF

You can start with evaluation kits at or you can contact Logimic for help with that. Logimic can ensure particular IQRF connectivity of devices or design of full solutions including cloud and gateways.

Logimic IQRF References

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