Load Custom Code to IQRF

Today we will show how to load custom code into IQRF transciever. Custom DPA Handler is a software routine which is executed inside transceiver MCU and where you can put your customer code to modify.

Enter IQRF transceiver into SIM holder of CK-USB-04 programmer. connect programmer to USB of your computer where you run IQRF IDE.

In IDE Project window you can see actually loaded CustomDpaHandler under Source item. Under Output HEX is its compiled code. You can click right mouse button above source of CustomDpaHandler-.. file and choose Build from menu for rebuilding the handler.

You can load any other Custom DPA Handler from prepared set in IQRF SDK here: ./IQRF_OS403_7xD/Examples/DPA/CustomDpaHandlerExamples or you can modify any or write your own. 

Adding of your Custom DPA Handler:

  • Right-click on any existing Custom DPA Handler under Source.
  • From context menu select Add/Add Existing Item and select your CustomDpaHandler.c file.
  • Make sure your handler is selected and via right-click select Build for its rebuild.
  • You will see its compiled .hex state under Output Hex item
  • Right-click on the .hex file and select Upload. Now the handler will be uploaded to TR module.
  • Then double-click on DPA-config.xml and in dialogue tick Custom DPA Handler and then Upload.

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