Logimic Cloud Commissioning plug-in

Logimic provides Logimic Cloud plug-in for SensConnect RDS commissioning software licensed by RDS Ltd.. This plugin extends SensConnect software with cloud capability, data exchange, storage, sharing and more.

SensConnect software is a tablet application enabling DP2P (peer to peer) connectivity to IOT devices. This tool helps with commissioning, localisation and identification of large amount of IoT devices in terrain.

Logimic Cloud plug-in

Plug-in is available since v.0.15.0 of SensConnect software. In application click Tools and then Logimic cloud button.

This will bring you to login page providing access to Logimic cloud. You can register for free via register button.

After registration and login you are taken to plugin dashboard. Here you can see available projects assigned to your account and RDS application clone.

Download projects to application

Select projects you want to download by checking boxes on the left and then click Download button.

Selected project are being downloaded to your application. If there are any existing or old projects with the same project name you are asked to make decision about rewriting of local copy.

Once projects are downloaded you can see them in project list on home page of your application and you can start to work on them.

Upload projects to cloud

Once your work is done you can upload projects back to cloud. Firstly ensure that your ale logged-in to Logimic cloud plug-in as described above. If so the Upload project button will appear in pull-up menu after clicking on Modify button ad selected project.

When you choose Upload project button you are asked for confirmation of upload. By clicking Yes the upload is started.

Successful finish of upload is confirmed by dialogue.

Manage projects in cloud

Application plugin enables the upload and download of project data only. If you need to work with data more, edit projects, exchange or export project data, you have to log-in to web portal of Logimic cloud.

Go to address: http://iqrf-service-app-projects.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/

And login to portal. You use the same credentials as you use for application plugin.

After login you see in dashboard a list of all available projects. You can select any of them and see project details. Click on Open button and enter to project.

Project page displays project data and enables to delete entire project.

The Site table displays all defined sites within project. Click on any site populates a list of floors belonging to selected site.

Click on Floor item displays floor data, floor plan and localized nodes.

Project data can be exported to CSV and PDF files. Pdf export also contains floor plan with localized nodes.

Full version

Full version of the cloud service provides modification of projects and on-line connectivity of lights in case the gateway is connected to Logimic Light Platform.

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