Logimic company provides IoT control systems for industry.
We help our industrial partners to equip their products with hardware, software and cloud infrastructure to meet their IIOT and Industry 4.0 requirements. 

IQRF Wireless

We connect your devices to IQRF wireless mesh network. Fast, low power, reliable and bi-directional wireless data transfer for industrial applications..

Logimic IoT Control

Logimic IoT Control is hardware, software and cloud solution for local and remote control of your industrial devices. You can simply control lighting, heating, ventilation, production machines or robots locally or from cloud.

Logimic Cloud

We design and deliver customer cloud solution for industrial applications. We provide our software services running on global cloud providers Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

Open Edge Gateway

Open Source software platform for gateways providing high level abstraction of devices, edge control and edge connectivity. Fully customizable free software.

IQRF Development Board

Fully autonomous IQRF end node with I2C, analog and digital interface for fast prototyping of IQRF devices. Everything you need to start with your own IQRF development…

AI Camera Control

Our Artificial Intelligence modules helps to control industrial devices. Based on camera image recognition of faces, numbers, texts, objects and more the control systems can make intelligent decision and perform industrial control.


Control system of 6-axes industrial robot ensuring basic mathematical  based on Logimic Industrial Control technology. System ensures preparation of trajectories, manual moves, position and speed optimizations and more…