PIXLA – Remote connection of Aurora Hub

When you buy Aurora Hub with pre-installed Pixla licence you can easily connect your gateway remotely from anywhere in the world. With gateway you are getting in parcel the PIXLA token number.

First of all please connect your gateway to LAN (you can connect it directly to wifi router slot) and turn gateway on.

Go to www.pixla.online and Sign in. You might need to register yourself when you come there first time.

Once you are in, select Tokens and and enter your PIXLA token to the New token field. Click Add.

Your token has been added to the list of other tokens. You can click Eye button to see full token.

Now go to Devices and you should see newly added device with some strange name. Click it.

This brings you to a dashboard of the device. Your device has to be selected with checkbox and then click the Wrench button in the bottom of window.

This open bottom action window where you can rename the device.

Write new name and click Save.

Go back to action window (Wrench button) and click Tunel SSH. In next window confirm by CREATE button.

Now the SSH tunnel window is opened.

Wait until following dialog is opened. Click here OPEN CONSOLE button.

This will open SSH remote console window to your gateway device. Enter username and password which you’ve got with your gateway. Log in and you have Linux console of your gateway.

You may face the connect problem, in this case use the button “RERUN”. It will close actual tunnel and opens new one. When you finish your work use “REMOVE”

How to get gateway IP address in local network

Type ifconfig command and press Enter. Notice local IP address in listed text.

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