SensConnect for out-door

SensConnect application of RDS Ltd. has been initially designed for in-door localisation tasks, but we successfully tested this localisation software at out-door application.

Logimic Light is a software platform for smart public lighting enabling deployment of wireless network in real environment. Such deployment requires a localisation as a final stage of deployment.

SensConnect uses DP2P technology when tablet with control application scans its environment via IQRF dongle and establishes a peer-to-peer connection between tablet and wireless devices (lights).

The power of the scan can be adjusted therefore you can get for peer-to-eer communication just a limited amount of lights in your vicinity.

Then you can send any command to the devices usually turn on/off for detection which virtual device corresponds to real device.

Big advantage of this approach is that you can also detect devices that are not connected to gateway (lost devices) e.g. for reason of poor radio connectivity.

Here is a short video in czech lang:

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