SensConnect – Installation

SenseConect is a software of Review Display Systems Ltd. More about software you can find here…

This tutorial shows how to install software to it’s target hardware device tablet Aaeon RTC-1200.


Ask RDS for software installer file Setup_SensConnect_x.xx.x.exe where x.xx.x is a version of the software.

Make sure that you use recommended target hardware platform with Windows 64-bit OS version 7 and later.

Installation steps

Run installer Setup_SensConnect_x.xx.x.exe as an administrator and follow wizard.

After installation you can find two program icons on your desktop. SensConnectApp is a real mode running with your real network of devices. SensConnectSim is a simulation mode showing capabilities of the software.

First run

Run program via SensConnectApp or SensConnectSim icon. This will open program window.

Make sure that program is ready by showing on-line symbol in top right corner and IP address: ws:// for sim and ws:// for real mode.

If you do not see application on-line, the off-line symbol is displayed in right-bottom corner then follow troubleshooting steps below.

After first run of application there is just one empty project. You can either continue with building this one, create new one or download some others via Logimic cloud commissioning plug-in.

Uninstallation steps

Note: Uninstall will remove all program data and settings!

Go to the directory where you installed the application and run unins000.exe file. Then confirm question and uninstallation process begins.

After successful removal the information dialog is shown. Confirm OK


Program is offline

Program shows no projects and the connectivity symbol in top-right corner is offline.

Open Windows command line by typing cmd in Windows searching bar. type services.msc and enter. This will open Services window where find two services IqrfServiceAppBack and IqrfServiceAppBackSim. These are back-end services for real and simulation mode.

Both services have to be running automatically after start of machine.

If they are not running check your firewall policy. If they are even missing or you cannot find the cause of having stopped them, contact application support.

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