SensConnect – Setup IQRF dongle

This tutorial shows how to use external GW-USB-06 IQRF device as a scanning hardware with SensConnect.

The transceiver shall be configured via IQRF IDE as described here: prepare-dp2p-transceiver The transceiver has to be switched to UART IQRF Mode after creation in IQRF IDE4..

Connect transceiver to any USB of tablet or your laptop. Open windows Device manager and check the port number.

Edit the configuration file iqrf__IqrfUart.json . it is in application installation folder e.g. c:\SensConnect\IqrfServiceAppBack\runcfg\isappIqrf\configuration\iqrf__IqrfUart.json.

Edit file and enter the port number.

  "component": "iqrf::IqrfUart",
  "instance": "iqrf::IqrfUart-Instance1",
  "IqrfInterface": "COM16",
  "baudRate": 115200

Save file and Restart computer.

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