SensConnect – setup IQRF network

SensConect is a software of Review Display Systems Ltd. More about software you can find here…

This tutorial shows how to configure IQRF gateway and IQRF end devices to be compatible with SensConnect application.

IQRF end devices

The application uses DP2P feature supported by DPA version 4.10 and higher. IQRF transceivers in end devices bonded as nodes of the IQRF network must follow these requirements:

  • TR node plugin for at least DPA 4.10 for details: Prepare-network
  • TR configuration:
    • Enable Custom Handler (probably DALI implementation is there)
    • Enable DP2P
    • Recommended to set password. Note, used password policy is matter of ongoing discussion.

DP2P transceiver

DP2P transceiver is a TR module in device (tablet, laptop) where the SensConnect aplication is running on. These steps work with GW-USB-06 device which is an external USB dongle.

Detail USB dongle configuration is here:

  • Save and Restart computer.

Gateway Prerequisities

  • Interoperable IQRF gateway with iqrf-gateway-daemon v2.2-beta, more here
  • Openened Websocket server on port :1338

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