Smart control of public lighting

Logimic Light wireless platform

Smart control of public lighting can reduce operation cost and lighting smog in our cities, villages and industrial complexes. It has direct impact to our living environment and our lifes.

We provide effective platform for open-air lighting where you can very simply control lighting profiles of your streets, manually switch lamps or entire streets, see statistics of consumption or get alerts of failures

Your lights are equipped with IQRF DALI bridge device ensuring wireless connectivity of your LED lamps. Every lamp is connected via IQRF mesh network to the gateway ensuring basic control of lamps and their connection to Internet.

User controls entire system via web portal where he can manage particular location or devices. Each device passports keeps important data which can be anytime updated.

Data and cost effeciency

System provides many data views which can be exported or used for smart predictions of energy consumption, optimization of lighting programs and more.

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